GeneralKB Web add-on

GeneralKB Web is your existing GeneralKB database published to the world wide web. This companion to your GeneralKB will propel your business to the next level, allowing broader accessibility and smarter data organization for your company.

Those who already connect to your database through GeneralKB Server will be instantly familiar with its interface and recognize the database they have been using. You can also expand your existing website usefulness by creating a public database and publish it online for everyone.

Although GeneralKB Web is 'Read Only' at this time, users can navigate to Categories, Topics, and documents through their default browser with the same look-and-feel as GeneralKB. They can perform Simple and Normal searches and find common topics using their own custom bookmarks. To add, edit, delete, and generally change your database, you must use GeneralKB.

GeneralKB Web supports user permissions, and even shares the same database as your GeneralKB. You can even connect to your GeneralKB Server from GeneralKB Web. And an unlimited number of users can connect simultaneously to GeneralKB Web using their internet browsers.

Publish your knowledge base to the Internet, Intranet or LAN quickly and easily. GeneralKB Web comes with its own setup package and detailed installation documentation which lets you install GeneralKB Web quickly and easily. GeneralKB Web runs on any PC with Windows operating system and web server. The ideal for this would be IIS with .NET 2.0. Users can open GKBWeb with most popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

GeneralKB main window

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