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GeneralKB (formerly General Knowledge Base) is a versatile and user-friendly free form database and knowledge base software for both individuals and corporations. Its intuitive user interface and customizable structure and display make it the ideal platform in which to create, capture, store and retrieve documents, files and web pages.

GeneralKB provides many easy ways to capture and store information. It is also a powerful information organizer, notes manager and PIM to help you keep track of your data and provide fast retrieval. Many search, sort and organizing features make it the best way to manage information and find things again that are hard to organize. This unique knowledge management system provides both powerful features and ease of use. With a variety of customizing options, GeneralKB could become your primary tool for information management.

The integral Document Editor provides powerful word processing capability and report formatting for beautiful reports. Export your documents to any of several formats either singly, or in a batch. The stand-alone document editor can be used outside of the knowledge base.

GeneralKB comes with an exhaustive help file to accelerate your learning curve. You will learn how to create knowledge base for your own purposes and build knowledge bases to suit your needs.

Security and sharing is an integral part of this free form relational database. Not only do you have the ability to use it as a Personal Knowledge Base, but it also serves as a robust Corporate Knowledge Base. The client/server Technology is the best in the industry providing encryption and access restrictions while admitting authorized users. The administrator controls access through the User Manager tool. Other management tools include Database Manager and Layout Manager. GeneralKB contains these and many more features for effective Knowledge Management. No other database software provides you with so many powerful tools to manage knowledge and information. The possibilities are endless and all your information may be organized in the most efficient way for high usability, relevance and timeliness.

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