GeneralKB Server

GeneralKB Server - The next generation in Client/Server technology makes the whole World your office. Connect to your database across the Internet or via your local area network as if it were on your own PC. Using Client/Server technology the same database can be accessed not only by all staff in your office, but also by authorized users away from your local area network. This makes it easy for staff in other locations to collaborate on projects even while away from the office.

GeneralKB server provides a wide spectrum of features which allows you to have the same functionality as in local mode with the added advantage of collective creativity regardless of location. It is the same database, the same interface and appearance - accessed remotely. GeneralKB Client/Server technology enables you and your co-workers to connect to the same database and develop collective knowledge to achieve a cooperative team work effect. Simultaneous multiple users are supported. With GeneralKB on their computers many people can share ideas, thoughts, projects and different types of information resources, including documents, audio and video files, etc. If you have an internet connection, you always have read/write access to your collections regardless of location.

This technology can be successfully used by various user groups - co-workers, project teams, communities of interests, clubs, families, small businesses, non-profit organizations, etc.

Unlike local GeneralKB mode, the client/server system consists of one server application, running on a server computer, and a client application, running on each user's PC. The client/server system is easily configured using a visual interface, making the system accessible to even novice users. Additionally, system user administration is simple and user-friendly. Don't worry if your Internet service is on Dynamic IP Address. Instructions in the Help File provide a free and easy solution to track the server's IP address and redirect it to a host name.

High information security standards are maintained by GeneralKB Server. This Database server maintains data integrity and controls access and security. It operates on the principle of buffered, read-committed transactions that enables the database to resist corruption if unexpected problems occur. Network bottleneck problems are also minimized because some data is processed at the server and some at the client. Moreover, only required data are sent to the client. Strong encryption is also a part of the server technology for better security. Only authorized users can login to the server over the network. Each user can be given specific permissions to read, write and delete articles from the database. The number of users is unlimited.

The Server Admin Utility provides the Server Administrator with powerful tools for managing user accounts and troubleshooting the Server program. It also provides logs indicating activity to prevent unauthorized access.

GeneralKB Client/Server Technology is easier to work with than ever before. From starting and stopping the server, setting up server parameters, managing security and users, troubleshooting problems, monitoring activity, and setting automatic backup schedule, the Server Admin Utility does it all. The Server Admin Wizard also allows easy setup of the server.

Main Features of the GeneralKB server:

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