GeneralKB ODBC driver add-on

The DBISAM ODBC driver is an ODBC level 3 driver we have licensed from the makers of the database engine used in our software. The ODBC driver can be used to successfully access GeneralKB application data from Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.7 or higher and the following applications:

Missing Features

There are still a few things missing from the driver, but they should not affect most environments. These missing items are:

More Information

The driver can completely handle all updating of data via SQL statements and the SQLExecute or SQLExecDirect calls, including BLOB data. Parameters are also completely supported, including BLOB parameters.

The driver provides scrollable cursor support via SQLFetchScroll and SQLExtendedFetch. The only two types of scrollable cursors supported are Static and Dynamic. Keyset-Driven cursors are not supported.

The driver cannot performed positioned updates using the SQL syntax WHERE CURRENT OF and using the SQLSetCursorName and SQLGetCursorName calls. This functionality is not supported in the DBISAM engine.

Even though the driver supports parameter arrays, you still cannot request multiple result sets with the SQLMoreResults call. This is not supported in the DBISAM engine. You will, however, be able to execute multiple INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements

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